Different Types Of Braking Systems

The brake system is very important in a vehicle. It would be extremely difficult to control a car which has faulty brakes, and this may lead to many road accidents. The brake system helps in stopping or slowing a moving vehicle by converting its kinetic energy to heat energy.

These are the different types of the braking system in a vehicle.

Discs systems

This is a type which is designed for reducing the speed of rotation of the vehicle. In this system, the brake pads are pushed against the brake’s rotors using the sets of callipers.

Single circuit hydraulicsjhgvbnjgvb';lijhjj

This system is composed of a master cylinder which holds the hydraulic fluid. The master cylinder is linked to the metal pipes and rubber fittings which are attached to the wheel’s cylinders. The pressure generated within the cylinder pushes the pistons apart thus forcing the brake pads against the wheel cylinder. This brings the vehicle to a halt.

Drum mechanism

The working principle of this mechanism is based on the friction force. The drum mechanism consists of several pads which press on the drum once the brake pedals are stepped on by the driver.

Anti-lock system (ABS)

This is a system which is comprised of an electronic control unit, a hydraulic actuator as well as the wheel speed sensors. All the wheels are controlled separately, and this helps in maintaining traction. The speed sensors are responsible for detecting and preventing potential lockups.

Power booster mechanism

This mechanism relies on the vacuum power which is produced by the engine of the car. It amplifies the foot pressure applied by the driver when stopping the vehicle.

Advanced emergency mechanism

This system is designed with advaemergency nced safety features. It has inbuilt sensors which are used for monitoring the proximity of the vehicle to the other cars within its vicinity. These sensors detect if there is any vehicle ahead of your car. It stops your car automatically in case a vehicle or an object is detected ahead of it. This helps in avoiding a collision from taking place.


Dual-circuit braking system

It consists of a hydraulic system having two command circuits. One of the circuits is activated by the driver by stepping the brake pedal while the other unit is linked to the computer of your car. The second command circuit computes the force applied and then relays that information or data to the vehicle’s hydraulic pumps.…

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Symptoms And Remedies For Sepsis


Sepsis is a life-threatening disease which affects so many people especially those who have a chronic illness or a weak immune system. The cost of treating this disease is very high. In fact, statistics reveal that the United States spend over $ 24 billion annually to treat this condition. Again over 40% of all the patients who are diagnosed with sepsis die from this disease. For instance, in the United States, the disease is known for killing close to 258,000 people every year.

Sepsis is a systematic infection which is mainly spread through the blood stream. The symptoms of this disease include the following: A rapid breathing and heart rate, high blood glucose, and fever. Sepsis can be caused by any infection which affects your body.

However, you do not have to worry in case you are suffering from this condition since there are many natural ways which are used for preventing sepsis such as washing hands. You can also take the natural supplements and foods sine they play a key role in boosting the immune system.

What are the common sepsis symptoms?

Sepsis is not caused by germs. It is caused by certain chemicals which affect the body due to infections. These are the general symptoms of sepsis:poiuhkloiuhgj

  • Hypothermia
  • Fever
  • Edema
  • Fast respiratory rate
  • High blood glucose even to individuals who are not suffering from diabetes
  • Altered mental state

Sepsis occurs in three stages namely:

  • Sepsis
  • Severe sepsis
  • Septic shock

However, there are different types of medications for treating even the sepsis severe condition becomes worse. Symptoms associated with the severe cases of sepsis include the following: low urine content, high lactate levels especially in the blood, low blood pressure and elevated plasma protein.

Risk factors and causes of sepsis

It is mainly caused by infections including infections of the gut, skin, urinary tract and lungs. The disease can also be caused by protozoa or fungi. Other risk factors associated with this medical condition include diabetes, young children particularly those aged below two years, other diseases which suppress the immune system like cancer and HIV/AIDs, and the elderly people who might be having other health problems.

These are some of the natural methods used in treating and preventing sepsis.

Avoid abusing antibiotics

Sepsis can be reduced by avoidiniuhgbklkijhgkkkg the abuse of antibiotics. You are advised not to take antibiotics when treating the common ailments such as flu-cold. Abuse of antibiotics could lead to the development of drug-resistant bacteria in your body.


Cleaning of hands

This helps in keeping germs away. You should, therefore, make an effort of washing your hands to maintain good hygiene. It is also important for the health providers to keep their hands clean. Proper hygiene helps in preventing the transmission of infections as well as antibiotic-resistant organisms.

Proper wound care

Proper care and cleaning of wounds are very critical in preventing sepsis. This helps in reducing the chances of secondary infections. Additionally, patients under nursing or hospital care are advised to remove the urinary catheters and IV lines when they are not needed any more. This would help in minimizing the risks of infections.…

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