A Good Teacher

A good teacher should have certain virtues. Virtue is defined as the conduct of life which encompasses all the principles of morality. One can acquire a virtue by cultivating it through regular actions or by building up to good habits that fall according to the good principles. It is very important for the teachers to understand these virtues to pass them to the various generations. This understanding helps in achieving the teaching objectives.

The basic virtues

There are many virtues which a teacher needs to adapt to. These virtues can help a teacher to be more effective in his or her teaching career . Furthermore, virtues also help in adding value to the education system by enhancing its quality.

The basic virtues help in fostering a goA Good Teacherod relationship between the teacher and the student thereby wiping out the critical resistance from the changing dynamics. A good teacher should be a role model for the young generation and should be able to pass the same characters to his or her students. The following are the outstanding characters or qualities of a teacher.



This is a virtue which gives knowledge to a teacher by adopting the excellent principles.

Gravity and prudence

This virtue regulates the external factors including good leadership, modest and politeness. All these affect the personality of a teacher. Prudence, on the other hand, is a virtue helps the teacher in understanding what he or she is expected to do and what need to be avoided.


It is a virtue which makes the teacher care less for his whims. This makes the teacher inseparable from the youth’s education.


This is a virtue which makes the teacher sacrifice voluntarily her or his personal interests well as those of his or her students.


Humility makes the teacher to share his or her knowledge with the young people. Good teachers are very courageous since they show a high degree of humility. It also helps the teachers to treat both their students and their colleagues with the esteem, friendliness, kindness, and cordiality.

ZealA Good Teacher

This virtue makes people be more close to God with great affection and enthusiasm. It teaches the young people to imitate Jesus Christ. It also teaches the young people to love, know and serve God.



This is a virtue which makes people more painstaking and diligent when fulfilling their tasks. You should only leave the classroom when there is a serious need.