Guide to Buying the Best Bowling Balls

bowling ball

Bowling is a popular sport. That is because the game is full of fun and requires a lot of skills. It is not just about rolling the ball. If you want to become a professional bowler, then you must have the required skills. Moreover, you need to know how to choose the best bowling ball. Remember that the ball you choose plays a critical role in your success in the game. This guide will help you choose the right bowling ball to suit your needs.


bowlersWeight is a critical aspect when it comes to selecting the bowling ball. You should avoid struggling with the ball. If you find the ball to be quite heavy, it can become quite challenging to handle it. However, buying a lighter ball may not be of help. This explains why you should choose the appropriate weight ball. It is advisable to get a ball that is equivalent to 15% of your body weight. Another option is to get the heaviest ball that you can throw accurately. Remember to be strategic and clever with ball selections.


Another vital thing to consider is the cores. As a beginner, you may not be aware of this. Each core has a huge impact on the game. That explains why you need to choose the best core. For instance, there are pancake cores that are perfect for beginners. You will find these bowling balls quite easier to handle. That is because they do not need a lot of adjustment.

For advanced players, it is good for them to get symmetrical cores. The good thing about these balls is that they are much balanced.

Coverstock Material

When choosing a bowling ball, you need to pay attention to the coverstock material. You should not ignore the coverstock material as it determines the amount of hook you can get. The common coverstock is plastic. Others include reactive and urethane. Choose the coverstock depending on your purpose with the ball. If you want to enjoy smooth throwing, then you should get plastic coverstock. On the other hand, if you want to hook your throws, then you should consider getting reactive resin and urethane.

USBC Approved

It is advisable to get a bowling ball that is USBC approved. That means the ball is allowed for use in professional competitions. Thus, if you want to become a professional bowler, this is quite important for you. For a beginner, any bowling ball can do.

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