Childproofing Checklist You Shouldn’t Miss Out

child in the house

If you own guns in your home, it’s important to childproof your home as well. A recent study found that nearly 1.7 million children live in homes with firearms, and almost 80% of those firearms are not stored safely. That means there is a high risk for unintentional shootings, especially if kids are in the home. Gun safes can be your best way to store them. Aside from that risks, your home can also be dangerous for your children, with stairs, knives, and many more. So, today we’ll explain some tips to childproof your home and keep your family safe.

Install Safety Gates at Both Ends of the Stairs

staircaseThe stairs are one of the most dangerous places in your home for a young child. If you have stairs in your home, it’s important to install safety gates at both ends of the stairs. This will help prevent your child from falling down the stairs and getting hurt. You should also ensure that any furniture or toys are not blocking the stairs so your child can’t climb up them and fall.

Place Locks on Cabinets Containing Harmful Chemicals

From cleaners to medicines, many harmful chemicals in your home can be dangerous for your child. To help prevent your child from getting into these cabinets, it’s vital to place locks on them. You can find cabinet locks at most hardware stores. In addition to locking up cabinets, you should keep all harmful chemicals out of reach of children.

Learn How to Store Guns Properly

If you own guns, be sure to learn how to store them properly. Guns should be stored in a gun safe that is locked and out of reach of children. You should also keep the ammunition for the gun in a separate location from the gun itself. In addition, you should never leave a firearm loaded or unattended. Children tend to always be curious, so taking these precautions is essential to prevent an accidental shooting.

Cover Electrical Outlets With Childproof Plugs

cableA National Fire Protection Association survey found that almost half of all home electrical injuries happen to children under five. To help prevent your child from getting electrocuted, covering all electrical outlets in your home with childproof plugs is mandatory. You can find these plugs at most hardware stores. The childproof plugs should fit snugly into the outlets so your child can’t remove them.

In conclusion, many dangers in your home can harm your child. You can help keep your child safe from harm by taking the necessary precautions. By following our tips, you can childproof your home and create a safe environment for your family. And if you own any firearm in your home, be sure to store them in a gun safe. This way, you can prevent risks of accidental shootings.…