Three Reasons to Use Custom Embroidery on Business Uniforms

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There is no doubt that a uniform is quintessential for the operation of a business; after all, it is the tool that represents the company towards customers and symbolizes what the company stands for. For example, some cosmetics manufacturing companies put in the effort to make custom patches of no cruelty-free embroidery on their uniforms to illustrate their standings on animal cruelty and that their products are not tested on animals. Hence, this brought our attention to the importance of custom embroidery for businesses. Let’s check out the reasons below:

Advertising Potential


If you are a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC by Dana White, then you should be familiar with a fighter named Georges St-Pierre. He was a two-weight division champion and arguably one of the Greatest of All Time in the sports.

We might not know that in the past, he used his body as a canvas for advertising during his time, fighting in the ring. Back then, in his UCC fighting days, he would put temporary tattoos or henna tattoos on his back to advertise some sponsors, and it was a massive success, and this is exactly what embroidery patches can be on company uniforms.

Brand Awareness


Custom embroidery patches don’t always have to be about advertising or marketing, it could be about building a strong and recognizable brand that people can trust. It’s always a good thing to have distinctness and uniqueness in one’s uniform, especially in today’s tough competing market with thousands of mirroring businesses.

If you look at some of the best coffee shop businesses running today, you may find it fairly easy to recognize Starbucks among the rest of the flock because of its exclusive logo. Custom embroidery patches can help raise your brand’s awareness among the people, and if you put them on your staff’s uniforms, it will be talked about for sure by your customers.

Variety of Options

Another good reason to implement custom embroidery patches on uniforms is that you have a variety of options presented to you, unlike other advertising options where you have no room to negotiate and just have to accept whatever it is they are offering. For example, if you put up a billboard to advertise your business, the billboard company won’t take any requests and just ask you how much of the space you want and how long you want it to be up there.

However, in the case of custom embroidery patches, you have the power to customize your logo to fit your preferences, what kind of material is going to be used, how the emblem is going to look, etc., which basically gives you free reins to experiment and go wild with your imagination!…